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Neha Kapur (brought into the world 31 March 1984) is an Indian model, entertainer, and previous belle of the ball who won Femina Miss India in 2006 and spoke to India at the Miss Universe exhibition that year. She is hitched to Kunal Nayyar.

Kunal Nayyar is a gigantically active entertainer who is best known for playing Rajesh Koothrappali in the hit satire arrangement 'The Big Bang Theory.' Even though he was conceived in London, England, he has lived in Los Angeles for a long time. In 2011, he wedded previous Miss India victor Neha Kapur. Preceding their marriage, the couple had delighted in a long separation relationship yet had concurred that Kapur would move from her home in New Delhi to Los Angeles to dwell with her significant other after their marriage.

Entertainer Kunal Nayyar plays one of The Big Bang Theory's primary characters, astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. And keeping in mind that he's become famous with the prevalent demonstrate that centers on the lives of nerdy characters in Southern California and their geeky hijinks, there's a considerable amount individuals don't think about him — and his dazzling spouse. Nayyar, who moved from India to the United States in 1999, wedded Neha Kapur in 2011, as detailed by People magazine. What's more, the pair have been by one another's sides from that point forward.

Be that as it may, Neha Kapur is unmistakably something beyond a pretty face, as she's very occupied with adventures of her own. So how could she happen to meet Nayyar? Where is she from, and what sorts of gifts does she have? Does she like living in her new home in Southern California? Here's all that we uncovered about Kunal Nayyar's gorgeous —and extraordinarily tall — spouse.

In the year paving the way to their wedding, the couple saw many staggering properties in the Los Angeles territory. It was only a month before their seven-day wedding function, which occurred in India, that the couple at long last found the home they had always wanted. It was a far-reaching Spanish-style Hacienda with Baroque style highlights. While Nayyar experienced issues envisioning how they could change the space, he confided in his better half's senses.

We should let it out, and you most likely started viewing The Big Bang Theory as a result of the Indian buddy in the generally all-white cast. The show which debuted in 2007 - and outlasted Lehman Brothers, a worldwide emergency and saw three Presidents in the White House - has spread over 11 seasons. What it has additionally done is made stars out of its primary cast individuals. For Kunal Nayyar, who stars as the astrophysicist Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory, it has implied he could bear the cost of himself a fairly slick overhaul - from his first home in Portland to this 5,000 square feet manor in Los Angeles' Nichols Canyon region. Not at all like his The Big Bang Theory symbol, Kunal Nayyar doesn't appear to have battled with the women - having hitched a previous Miss India (Neha Kapur) - and he has his land needs to be arranged.

Nayyar's house is in an area that is ideal for mortgage holders that are searching for withdrawal and quietness, one that is withdrawn from the city. It's likewise where Steve McQueen lived during the '50s. The sort of region where you can without much of a stretch warm up to a deer or a catamount that will walk excluded into your terrace.

It's a rambling chateau whose insides transport you to a classic scene from a youngsters' fantasy. Try not to be amazed if you see a petticoat wearing bunny surge past, seeing his pocket watch.

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Their room has a strange appearance because of its slanted roof yet holds a sentiment of airiness on account of the three sets of glass entryways that flood the life with light and are hung with a delicate and light texture. Once more, the couple has decided on an impartial shading plan in this room. One of the most striking highlights in the room is the covering over the couple's bed. 

Since the couple has accomplished the look and feel of their property that they had needed, they are incredibly pleased with their marital home. They have said that they have no expectation of moving at any point shortly and plan to spend a happy marriage there for a long time to come.

Albeit reminiscent artistry (like a since quite a while ago respected Elizabeth Fraser smaller than usual layered among books) and inquisitive presently increase, the pair moved in with just a couch and TV. They didn't have appropriate furniture for a whole a half year. Their first buy was a flawlessly coordinated pair of green Murano lights from Foundry.

"I was very stunned at the cost of these lights," says Kunal, "yet after much discussing and arranging I chose, get it done, and I'm so happy I did because it opened me up to an altogether new universe of wonderful things. That was us discovering something we both cherished and pulling the trigger, directly toward the start."

The couple met numerous creators and were presented by a Big Bang author to Lory and Mats Johansson of Just Joh, who planned Richard Branson's Necker Island. That credit didn't help facilitate the terrorizing factor, yet they quickly clicked with the planners. "We met Lory and Mats, and they were the most delightful, humblest individuals, and nonpushy—they asked every one of us the correct inquiries, became acquainted with us, and turned out to be cherished companions," says Neha.

The structure professionals carried another delicacy to the beforehand chintz-filled inside without modifying the bones and even held a couple of light fixtures that have been hanging in the house for around 25 years. They guided the love birds gradually and delicately through the procedure, taking it each day by itself.

Lory calls it "their tasteful advancement," clarifying that at first they "focused on a controlled unbiased, generally white palette, however as their solace level developed we started including more shading and profundity of their characters." Kunal concedes he was instructed all the while. "I didn't have the foggiest idea of what quality was until we have begun working with Lory and Mats. I had no feeling of how inside structure is a type of craftsmanship, and the amount it can add to a house, stylishly as well as vigorously."

Their primary need was keeping up a streaming indoor-outside feel. "We needed to have this real vitality," says Neha, "so you see a ton of plants inside, and there's a Buddha inside and outside." A Dr. Seuss–ian tree of treated paper flower petals and succulents (from Designer Views), which Kunal found supernatural and interesting, lives in a corridor. "I like to channel their affection for nature and grasp their outwardly mind-boggling tasteful," says Johansson. Neha's and Kunal's childhoods in India are somewhat to thank for this inclination. "Our Eastern impact is significant," says the on-screen character, "so we needed that to be a piece of the plan."

While they agreed to incorporate their Indian legacy, the couple's stylish inclinations are very inverse. Kunal has a "Pop Art side" he ascribes to his inside architect mother, who cherishes splendid hues, while Neha inclines toward subtler tints. One exemption to her increasingly repressed taste originates from an enthusiastic, six-foot-by-eight-foot, essential shaded Gond painting by Venkat Shyam, portraying the tale of a tiger offspring being raised among sheep. "We have such various conclusions about how we need things to look," Kunal says. "I figured out how to escape the way very at an opportune time."

In spite of that, each piece included discussion. At last Kunal credits his better half with "taking this house and making it a house." They're similarly shining in applause for Lory, whom Neha calls "simply enchantment." The inside originator uniquely designed a considerable lot of their most critical household items, including their bed, which was made by consolidating an antique kilim and hung with the material and enlivened by Neha's adoration for four-post Balinese beds.

"A great deal of the things in the house are ideas, they all have stories," Neha says, indicating their progressive purposeful amassing of stylistic layout as the reason. An extraordinary rate, which they feel breathes life into the house is from India. "Our social character isn't what characterizes us, yet we are near it," says Kunal. The compound is "an amalgamation of the nation we live in and the nation we're from and the spots we've voyage. We need this to be an account of our voyage," he says.

The house is "like a little child," says Neha. "It's always developing." Now, following six years and a late spring redesign that included changing a library into a salon-like storeroom, taking a powder room from Parisian to wilderness y, and adding a marble divider and chimney to their room, it at long last feels prepared, suggestive of them. Kunal couldn't be more joyful with their home. "In case we're lucky enough, until the day we kick the bucket, we're never going to sell this house," he says. "It will be in our family for ages."
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